Shored Up


Director Ben Kalina discusses the impact of Hurricane Sandy on the film.


Like Shored Up many documentaries take years to finish and evolve over time.  Our three trailers show how our focus changed over the course of four years as events unfolded around us.

The first trailer we made for Shored Up was completed in August 2011, just before our Kickstarter campaign began (not a coincidence).  At this point the film was very much focused on New Jersey and the conflict over beach replenishment between the Army Corps of Engineers and the surfing community:



This is the second trailer we cut in the winter of 2012/2013 after Superstorm Sandy hit and changed the film entirely.  This trailer also includes footage from the Outer Banks.



This is our theatrical trailer cut for the film's release in March and April 2013 by the fine folks at Soapbox Films in Burbank, California. Thanks Steven, Jason and the rest of the crew!